Tony Penultimate

Remember Three Months From this Date - Good Things Are In Store For You!

Just to top and tail the three 'L's tour. I got back after another long drive from Manchester (the day before the dreadful bomb attack at the O2) and have been taking things easy back home - it took eight hours.

I've had the car fixed and there's nothing on Ukes wise, until we gather again for some recording in two weeks time.

Reading back through this blog, I found this photo of a night out the band had spent in San Fransisco on our December 2016 US tour when we went to a Chinese restaurant and I'd taken a picture of all our fortune cookies (mine is at the bottom - photo taken December 14th 2016)

And here's a picture taken on March 18th 2017. Your trusty correspondent (unconscious) on his way to intensive care in Germany after a life threatening case of meningitis!

Life is very strange sometimes (Stay Safe Everybody!)



Too true Kathryn! xx
I guess there were some good things to come out of the above but it might have been nicer not to have knocked on that particular door.

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