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Sun rises out of the sea at Worthing

We were last in Worthing a year ago and I drove down from Kent yesterday. We've finished the run of the Lousy War shows and have now started playing our Christmas show - ie we play several carols and people come to the show with their ukuleles to play along. We're starting the show with 'Sleigh Ride' which is one of my favourites.
Richie and Leisa walk to the theatre
For some mad reason I had woken extremely early today so by the afternoon I was pretty whacked.  We had a PR guy who is doing some films for social media with a Christmassy theme to promote our Christams shows - he is called Mike and is fairly easy going. We did a bit of clowning around for the camera, so watch out for those on the Ukes social media pages.

While I might have been tired, Dave and Richie, both who hadn't done the Lousy War shows, were positively buzzing with energy and the show went over really well and was the hall was packed to capacity

 Hester clowns

Another view of the hall from just behind Doug (our sound guy)

Signing at the merch table - we sold a bundle..

Its been good to get back to our regular show after the sombreness of the Lousy War shows, which while good, have been a bit melacholy.
The hotel we are in is stifflingly hot and when I had a shower this morning the ceiling was so low I had to bend down. This morning I woke early again (but refreshed) -I went down to the seafront (very close) and watched the sun come up - beautiful!
Hastings tomorrow Campers.


That would be great Andrea, let me know!
Hi Peter, i hope to see another gig soon, maybe next year! finger crossed!

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