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Wired and Tired in Kiel

Gott im Himmel, am I ever tired! I'm banging this out at the airport after having a few hours sleep after the gig last night. The journey between the two gigs (Gohren-Lebbin to Kiel) which was scheduled to take three hours on the bus, actually took five hours. We were staying at the very plush Romantik Hotel, but we didnt have a chance to take a pre gig snooze as we only had half an hour to dump our bags and then get to the gig. Verena, our regular sound person in Germany had another gig to we had to use the house guy (who turned out to be terrific). We've played Kiel a couple of times before, the last time at a festival in the town square, a gig I remember extremely well after my chair collapsed on stage while I was sitting on it (I wasnt drunk).

Apparently according to one of our German fans there was a review of the show at the Festpiele yesterday which gave us a good review on account of our humour (and our music I presume).

Jonty has a swollen eye, thanks to a mosquito bite on his eyelid during the gig last night, despite being slathered in anti mosquito cream he valiantly soldiered on.

The festival itself was full of kids and cool stuff like this giant ant (I think thats what it is) with a nice hippyish vibe.

We played in the seemingly cold concrete auditorium in the forest behind which when full (below) took on a much more enthusiastic ambiente. Here's a pic of a solitary seagull at soundcheck...a sentence I thought I'd never write when I started this blog!

The auditorium was full by the end with a highly enthusiatic crowd, despite everybone in the band being a bit pooped, having an audience thats up for it makes you really let 'em have it. The net result was that by the time we got back to the hotel, we were simultaniously wired and tired, which made it imposible to go to sleep for at least a couple of hours - cue further tiredness today!

Its Bens birthday on Wednesday and at Hamburg airport Richie bought him this guitar and microphone 'Instant Pop Star' kit.

So all in all its been another good tour, thanks to all our German hosts and our audiences - we've been coming to Germany for twelve years now and we still get a great welcome.....Danke schoen!



Thank you Ellen and Andrea!
Jonty's EYE! Made me cringe to see that. Enjoyed the video of the mosh pit at Kiel—especially during your Nirvana tune!
Hi Peter, last night i've seen in direct a part of the gig and it was very funny with the dancing crowd; also a great location, like arena style!

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