Tony Penultimate

Wil, Switzerland

One of the problems with going on short tours like this one (2 days) is that; being an early riser, I find flipping into gig mode very tricky. I'm usually going to bed late, and then not being able to sleep becuase of the adrenaline, and yet because of my body clock, waking up early, so yesterday passed in something like a fug of weariness. Anyway, enough complaining - the band left Olten in the morning and took then train to Wil, which is about an hour away (passing through Zurich again).

The journey started off in earnest with a telling off from Doug who, having read yesterdays blog where I described him as our 'english' sound engineer, told me very pointedly that he was SCOTTISH. Of course I know well that he's Scottish, but I was describing his role doing sound at our gigs in England (or Great Britain more accurately) vis a vis doing sound at our gigs in Europe (which Verena does). I tried digging myself out of this hole for a while with little success (Doug - apologies!)

Arriving at the town of Wil, we walked from the station to the hotel only to find the place locked, which was something of a first, but nevertheless a good comedy moment (pictured here).

We were eventually let in (entrance was through the restaurant next door, everybody knows that!). The rooms were a bit small, but the place was spotless (that's all I ask!).

This is the town of Wil

Walking to the theatre Tonhalle

Richie dumps his stuff onstage or stares into the abyss (you decide!)

Because we are reviving our show "Lousy War" again for a few dates in england in October and November, some of us had a brief rehearsal, running through the numbers which we hadn't played for a few years.

This gigs on this tour have been good - its nice to play small theatres where you can connect with the audience - thats not to disparage the larger theatres we usually play, but it does make a change.

Some nice collages of past operettas put on by the local amateur theatre company hang on the walls - I aways love these old displays...

Here's us soundchecking again - the ladder was NOT part of the stage set.

Another nice show and we were well taken care of by theatre director, Florence (polka dot dress, back to camera - thank you!) - its been a nice tour and we'll fly home out of Zurich tomorrow. Back on the road next weekend Campers - keep well.



Me and Penny have got front row tickets for Chester next week, hopefully in prime position to get Dave's presents to appease the children for not being able to go on a school night! Already ridiculously excited for a man of my age.
Thank you Fred, Ha Ha! Thank you Karin - I'm glad you like them - a pleasure to write them and to know that they are fun to read....
At first, when you said the LADDER was not part of the stage set, I thought you misspelled it; as compared to the former!
Coming along with you and your colleagues to all places of your successful performances and experiences in all the different countries is a great joy,...thanks Peter!

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