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Who is Adam Smith?

Here's a photo of a bust of Adam Smith, which stands in the foyer of the Adam Smith theatre - he's from Kirkcaldy apparently - a famous economist.  

The gig last night went well, about 500 people, nice theatre and we are staying in a charming hotel nearby - not that charming, I mused as I stood naked in the shower a full 5 minutes, waiting for the water to turn warm - but you can't have everything (or can you? I wonder what Adam Smith would have said?).

We are in Fife - which is where, according to my mum, her side of the family came from (Pittenweem, about 20 minutes away). They were called Henderson and built boats, I wonder what they would have thought of me and my career?

In the bar at the hotel last night i met a nice couple who'd come from Glasgow to see us, that asked why we didn't play more in Glasgow - i'd like to.

I also had a couple of whiskies which tasted great!

So today we take the train to Perth where we've played before - more soon.


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