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Whitley Bay

I've been sleeping pretty badly this tour, but one thing was for certain, I needed to get the zeds in after the show in Newtown, as we had a four and a half hour drive from deepest Wales right up to the North East of England - a 250 mile trip. So straight after the gig finished in Newtown, I drove back to the hotel and hit the sack ready for what I hoped would be a long, deep sleep, filled with dreams of fragrant leilanis, ukuleles, surfboards etc etc.

But it was not to be, I was awoken at 2am with the shrieks of some kind of party/gathering/disturbance and looked out the window (my room was directly outside) and saw that the police had been called and were trying to send everybody home. The noise went on intermittenly for the next two hours by which time i had gotten fed up and decided that I would snap a quick photo for the blog.

While Newtown is a beautiful place, set in the breathtaking scenery of Powys, I can sympathize with kids having nothing to do of a Saturday night, except hang around on the streets, thats why they all leave for the towns as soon as they can........

So in the morning, bleary eyed and short on sleep, the band set off for Whitley Bay, knowing it would be an all day drive. I gave Leisa a lift and with a couple of stops on the way, we arrived in Whitley Bay after five hours, with just enough time for a twenty minute sleep before the soundcheck.

Probably the most famous farm in Britain, situated in the middle of the M62, it was assumed the farmer had refused to move when the motorway was built.

We were presented with a terrific poster which had been designed by the promoter (above) and while I like it, I'm slightly pissed off that I have been stripped of my USP in the band - now everybody's tall!

Soundchecking at Whitley Bay - the Playhouse is a nice modern theatre by the seaside.

The gig went well and here we are signing after the show; we sold a ton of merchandise this evening apparently, we've not played this town before and I hope we will be back - I really like the North East and the accent here. 

We're going to Preston tomorrow Campers, see you there


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