Tony Penultimate

Where's the tooth fairy?

Greetings from Madison, Wisconsin - its a pretty town and we are here for a 16 day tour which will take in Kansas, Florida, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Maryland.  This is our second of three tours of the US this year and we have ten concerts and ten flights over sixteen days. 

The flight over was not too bad, its an eight hour flight to Chicago plus a two hour bus ride to Wisconsin where our first gig is.  While I wasn't able to get extra legroom on this flight, I did sit near the toilets which enabled me to get lots of footage for the Bob Dylan video I'm making #bobdylaninairlinetoilets 

I managed to stay awake till 8.30 (about 4am GMT) and after a quick bite and a beer at a local bar - passed out (back at the hotel - not in the bar!).

I woke up this morning and the first thing that happened was that a crown fell out of my mouth (back top left - in case you're interested) - I don't think theres a blues song called that!

So I popped out to the pharmacy to get some cement to keep the crater that once held the crown, hanging in there till i get back to the UK and I couldn't help noticing that chemists in the US sell everything 




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