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Oh dear - I meant to post updates on every place we moved to (like I did on the January tour) but events got the better of me.  The last post was from La Crosse, Wisconsin - which was almost a week ago.  

Since then we've travelled to Melbourne, Palm Beach and Gainesville, all in Florida and the shows have been well attended and our audience has been very grateful that we are here. 

This is truly humbling, all showbiz schtick aside, I am always amazed by the distances uke fans will travel to see us - one Facebook friend travelled from Louisiana to Florida - a journey of two days!  (thank you Ricky - good to catch up)

Florida was extremely warm except when I was indoors where the ferocity of the air conditioning was matched only by the humidity outside, I quite often had to put my jacket on inside then take it off outside.  It was in Gainesville that I noticed that I was developing an ingrowing toenail which necesitated a visit to the doctor - I'm on antibiotics and painkillers till I get back to the UK on the 26th April.

We're currently in Burlington, Vermont, where its cooler and its raining as well.  Since we've had the morning off, I've been putting together the letters for the next set of #bobdylaninairlinetoilets clips which is going well.  Here's a picture of me taken by Richie (UOGB member) at Gainesville airfield waiting to get on the plane 

And here with my Captains hat

I have to prepare all the letters for the signs before I get into the toilet, as they are way too intricate and messy (plus easy to drop/loose) otherwise - here are some of the packs ready to go.

Pipes feature heavily in this film as well as my mini guitar 

So far I've shot about 5 gig of footage which is about half an hour.  Of the 64 signs in the Bob Dylan song (Subterranean Homesick Blues) I must have done 50 - thats an awful lot of time spent in airline toilets!

I notice I am getting quite good at working/moving around in confined spaces and could probably handle a prolonged time in solitary confinement if I ever go to jail.





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