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Welcome to the Row of Heath

Just to top and tail the Irish tour aftermath - the journey home was hell, a five hour delay at Cork airport and incredibly, I managed to NOT have a sip of the demon drink after a text from my Gilly, my wife (in CAPITALS) warning me not to do it (on the 19th I'll have been booze free for a month - hooray!). Then the crowded Thameslink train which took me back to London broke down, so I had to go on the tube (in rush hour - with a big suitcase - yay!) then another train to Kent and finally home at 9.30 in the evening.

But after a good nights sleep, I felt much better. I worked my way through a huge pile of the family's ironing, Gilly insists its a good way of grounding myself after the rigours of touring.......hmmmmmm. I don't mind as I have used the time wisely to rehearse the speech from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (Friends Romans Countrymen) for my next ATTC project. I have also ordered a toga from Amazon, so I can perform the speech appropriately. Judging by my recent purchasing history, Amazon must have me listed as some kind of swinging sexual deviant, since I have ordered guns, horses, women (inflatables) for various ATTC films, plus various plastic cigars and a false beard.


This tour is likely to be a bit full on, we're doing 3 gigs: Rostock, Stolpe in Germany and Lucerne in Switzerland, we are also without George and Hester who are taking a short break (the Ukes are like a professional football team insofar as the squad is rotated from time to time - we've got the redoubtable Ben Rouse sitting in for us).

We've got a flight to Hamburg today with a 2.5 hour bus journey to Rostock ,then straight into the gig. There's a three hour bus trip from Stolpe to Berlin after our gig tomorrow, so we can be up early to catch the plane from Berlin to Zurich on the 17th.

We will see how it goes!




You're kicking all the fun away, but congratulations on stopping the drinking. Bet you'll be a hit when you do your speech with your inflatables hanging on both arms. I hope to see that soon. =D

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