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We are quite good!

Richie prepares to rock on the radio

Its Monday today, last night I got a straight seven hours uninterrupted sleep - hurrah!  I feel that I may have turned the jet lag corner.  Yesterday, the live radio broadcasts that we did in the morning turned out to be good fun - the DJ's were switched on, smart, sharp and funny......and so were we.  

They were impressed by our live performance in the studio and the Ukes do sound great when playing in a room - even if I say so myself - thats what 30 years of playing together does for you.  I suppose it easy to become jaded on the road and forget why you got into this in the first place, but this band does have a unique sound.

The show we did in the evening too was good as the hall we were in (Bruce Mason Centre) where we've played before has a good acoustic - we've had a couple of good reviews in the Auckland papers despite being up against Florence and Fleetwood Mac playing on the same night.  Weirdly, some of our punters had been to the Fleetwood Mac show the night before and got soaked (it was an outside show) - that'll teach them! 

Today we move to Tauranga, which is where my oldest friend Willy lived and grew up; we used to be a school together in England - he lives in Australia now, but fifteen years ago when I had just met Gilly, I flew out here to be best man at his wedding which was an absolutely fantastic occasion.

We'll be in a bus for three hours travelling there and then a workshop in the afternoon and a gig in the evening - its going to be a busy day.  The first tome we toured NZ we did it all on planes!

Truly this is a whistlestop tour!




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