Tony Penultimate

Two Baths in One Day!

Beautiful Bath

Theatre Royal Bath

After having got up early to catch the 7.30 train to London to get to Bath for 12.30 - we were doing two shows in a day, one at 3pm and one at 7.30,  I arrived having spent five hours in transit, so I was a bit pooped.

The arrival of Jonty, Ches (our web designer) and Jodi (manager) look on

We've played here before many times, and somehow it always seems to be in panto season, so the panto set has to be struck and then put back up after our show - all the techs looked tired. I remember the last time we played here there was no tea or coffee waiting on our arrival (not a big ask for an act that has sold out two houses on a Sunday) and so it was again (sigh) these are the vagaries of showbusiness.

 Herbert Beerbohm Tree - a famous actor from yesteryear (picture in the dressing room)

Dressing room chit chat

Here's a photo grabbed during the Christmas playalong, which is going over really well and provides a terrific connection to our audience - even the people who dont play seem to enjoy signing along.

I notice that when I'm tired, which I was during the first show, I tend to make florid gestures (like Liberace) at the beginning and end of each song. The second show was much better in my opinion, but it is one of the vagaries of the Ukes, that having come off stage, some members will say it went well, while others will say that last nights show was better.


Winding down after the show - I must dry clean my tux soon as its beginning to hum a bit! See you in Birmingham in three days time..........


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