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Travel Day - Greenville NC to Hannover NH

Today, Campers, was travel day, so after saying goodbye to Jenny (Richie's wife) and Marie (Dave's girlfriend) and leaving the splendid Poinsett Hotel in Greenville, with its balmy weather; it was off to the local airport for the flight to Philadelphia and from there - flying over New York, on to New Hampshire. We were all wearing our coats as the weather up north was going to be cold....

Fountain and pool at Greenville airport

Dean Martin

The Ukes really are a terrific group of colleagues - when I mentioned about my continuing filming schedule for my ATTC production of House Of Croon they all cried 'au boulot' and gave me a helping hand. A lot of the action on this film is outside the toilets, and as soon as the seat belt sign went off, and the drinks trolley was out of the way, I was up and at 'em handing out masks to everybody in the band.

Michael Buble

This produced giggles from the nearby passengers, who asked me if they could help, so a bit nonplussed, I passed out a few more masks.

Charles Aznavour and Barry White

Unfortunately, several of the passengers then got out their mobile phones and asked me to take pictures of them wearing their masks. I felt like telling them, I was trying to work here dammit, and couldn't they see I was busy, but complied nonetheless. After a minute or two, I noticed the steward, discreetly waiting behind me to walk through the cabin collecting the drinks rubbish, whereupon I finished up and went back to my seat. He asked me, out of friendly curiosity, what the f*** was going on: wherupon I explained (with a folksy chuckle) that I was making a jokey film for a friends birthday.

Leaving the aircraft at Philadelphia, Ben has been obsessively collecting even more stickers for his ukulele case on this tour.

Behind the pillar is the Chinese place 'Far East' where Richie gave me a fortune cookie a week ago - we were retracing our steps, as we changed terminals to catch our plane to Hannover.

Philadelphia terminal - waiting for our plane

The Ukes board the plane to Hannover

I noticed, that as our luggage came through onto the carousel, that the handle on my suitcase had bust - groan, thats another suitcase thats ready for the rubbish tip - I go through almost one (big) suitcase a year with this lot.

We then had a two hour bus journey to Hannover and sure enough, the weather had gotten colder - plenty of snow around, particularly on the hills in the distance.

and outside the hotel

The hotel is pleasant enough, another 'ranch style' place with corridors straight out of 'The Shining' - pretty standard in US hotels. It's another hotel situated about 20 minutes outside town on a big shopping precinct.

However after we'd settled in we decided to walk across the car park to the local Irish pub for food, during which we noticed that there was karaoke starting soon.

A bit of grub and a few drinks, and then a few more drinks

This guy had the right clothes but when it came to singing........

What can I say, after three Miller Lights, I strolled onto the floor to give a rendition of the Carpenters "Close to You'  - to show the locals how it was done. Suffice to say, my performance was a perfect illustration of why the Ukes have a strict no drinking rule before any performance. Creepliy, I noticed out the corner of my eye, several Ukes filming the whole sorry episode......ahem - Goodnight!



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