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Tom Boardman at the Lowry

Good gig at the Lowry, Salford last night - over 1000 punters!  Highlight of the evening though goes not to the audience or the Ukes but to the remarkable Tom Boardman who came to see the show and was given a round of heartfelt applause by the audience.  He was in Changi prisoner of war camp in Burma which was where my uncle David was - the two never met according to Tom, I've always thought if there are ukulele heroes, Tom Boardman must be one of them -  amazing guy and still got a twinkle in his eye!

We had met him before but his story deserves to be better known - I have shamelessly pilfered the text and photo from the Ukes Facebook page from April 2014 when we last played the Lowry:

"When Thomas Boardman was captured by the Japanese in World War II and sent to Changi prisoner of war camp, the conditions were appalling, but he resolved to improve matters by (in between building the railways) building a ukulele out of scraps of Red Cross boxes and strips of wire. With his uke he entertained the troops in the evenings. This photo shows him a few months after his release, arriving back in England. You can see his uke at the Imperial War Museum North. He came along to our gig in Salford at the Lowry last night and we had the pleasure to meet him, and get him to pose for a photo with our own cubic electric ukulele. What a lovely chap he was too."


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