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View from the Hotel Leonardo

Anything out of the ordinary is good in my book as it gives a gig that little somethings extra…….
So after our gig in Mosel, we were driven by bus (3 hours) to Tollhaus, and were met by promoter Bernt, who took us to the Leonardo Hotel: needless to say there are pictures of the Mona Lisa all over the place. While waiting for the taxis to take us to the gig, the third weird thing that has happened to me on this tour happened.

Me and Ben in Medici style chairs in the lobby

The first was in Sylt, where I mistakenly stuck my key in the wrong door at the hotel only to find a surprised woman in a bathrobe, the second was in Hamburg, where I was issued with a key at reception which turned out to be already occupied (another surprised woman, this time fully clothed).

Then at Tollhaus, while we were waitibg for the taxi to take us to the gig - I went into the reception to escape the sun and was looking at my phone when I noticed the time and went outside to see if the taxis had arrived and guess what, everyone had gone!

The band prepares for soundcheck

A quick phone call to Viola later and promoter Bernt had gallantly returned to the hotel to pick me up and bring me to the theatre - its impossible to be irritated with Viola for very long, but I reckon when I finally get her into a bar - her drinks bill is going to be pretty high!

So what had been a warm sunny day, turned into a stiflingly hot gig:- I knew by the second song it was going to be a sweaty one and my tuxedo was already pretty damn clammy from the Sylt gig.


A picture, signed by the band to be presented  to an audience member by Dave - pic is of his cousins car!

While we were playing Roadrunner (sung by Dave) there was a loud crack - almost like a rifle shot and I thought the PA had gone down….
In fact, it turned out that one of Jonty's bass strings had broken and the compressors had kicked in. The last time Jonty broke a string during a gig was in Durham, when we were doing a tour of libraries back in 2002 during our rual touring days.

The band after being nonplussed for a second, carried on regardless and at the end of the song it became apparent what had happened. While Jonty was franticly putting on a new string on, we took the opportunity to remind the audience of the wonderful merchandise that could soon be theirs, if they took the opportunity to visit the CD stand after the show. All in all it was a good, if hot, gig.



An hilarious tour, only few day but a lot of strange things has happened!
Thanks Kriss, will do. Cheers
Loving these, Peter! Keep it up!

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