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The second day is always the worst on tour - fortunately I got enough sleep when we arrived so I've just got that slightly woozy pseudo drug induced stupor that comes from have your body clock mucked about with.

Good show last night here in Madison and there were loads of people queueing up after the show to get their ukuleles signed etc - this being the US, we're not carrying any merchandise as the import and export taxes are too high and its not financially viable, but we still like to go out after the show to say hello to uke players and fans.

We were surprised last night by a very sweet old lady who asked if we wanted to buy her ukulele to which the answer was a resounding NO!!! my ukulele collecting days are long behind me!

We had planned to sign for 10 minutes, but it turned into a full half and hour as there were so many people.  The following day we made an early start to make the 2 hour drive back to Chicago to get the plane for Kansas, which we nearly missed.  I did a bit more filming for #bobdylaninairlinetoilets on the flight.

On a positive note my DIY dentistry on my tooth cavity (see yesterdays blog) seems to be working well and I'm feeling no pain.

Fingers crossed!


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