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Theaterhaus Stuttgart (again)

Autumn is upon us and the Ukes are gearing up to play out the last few gigs of 2019. As well as the UK, we've got shows in Ireland, Finland and China - it'll be interesting! These are the last German shows before Brexit - this little tour (2 gigs - Stuttgart and Braunschweig) comprises our regular crew: Dave, me, Hester, Ben, Richie, Leisa, Will, Jonty.  We also have Doug with us (our UK sound guy) as Verena, our German tech is doing her sound engineer exams.

 Security at Gatwick

Easy Jet out to Stuttgart

Luggage Carousel Stuttgart

Meeting Viola (left) - our German tour manager - she lives in Italy now.On the road again........The good old Kongresshotel, where we've stayed many times before

Located just a short, suicidal dash across a four lane highway to the Theaterhaus, where we've also played many times before. 

I've taken photos of most of the interesting posters here over the years, but I noticed a new one of ukulele goddess Amanda Palmer, who played here this year.

We ate before the soundcheck, as it was an early show (7pm)

and straight into soundcheck on a full stomach !

This September has been very hot and although I'd managed to sleep a bit on the plane, I drew on my 'reserves' for the evenings show.   

And what a cracking show it was, right from the moment that somebody shouted 'Welcome to Europe" after the first song - it made us feel very sentimental - Germany has been very good to the Ukes, right from the moment we played our first gigs here in 2006. 

 Signing after the show



Our little Uke band @UUkuleles has been invited to play in Germany (Wertheim) next summer following our performance at a twinning event in Huntingdon this summer!!! OMG Ukes on tour .....l the planning.....the transport.......🤦‍♀️

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