Tony Penultimate

The Lowry, Salford

The last 'L' in our tour was the Lowry in Salford, I gave Will and Leisa a lift, we drove back up past Leeds and on towards Manchester with a wierd noise coming from the car. Driving was confined to a sedate sixty miles an hour. Leisa is a Manchester lass, so a lot of her relatives came to the show (which I always find a bit nerve racking).

Salford, apart from being the place we are playing tonight, is also the home of Manchester United Football Club and they were playing against Crystal Palace yesterday so the route past pour hotel was a river of red as fans trooped in to watch the match against Crystal Palace


This is the BBC's headquarters in Salford, Media City - just across the dock from the theatre.

The Lowry has a purple auditorium, we've played orange, red and black theatres but not this colour - although this is our fourth? fifth? visit here.


Going out for the encore at the end of a cracking show!

Signing CD's in the foyer

 A photo with a Chinese fan


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