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The Boondocks of Germany

We arrived this morning in two cramped coaches from Dreieich, at the small town Neider-Moos ready to play our final date of the tour in a church here.  On the way I became a bit mesmerised by this little green fellow on the windscreen wiper.  I remember this place from a couple of years ago, it is pretty remote for Germany and english isn't understood as well as it is in big cities. Several of our best jokes died on their arse here!


I also remember the hotel from last time. Having gotten so used to branded corporate chains, its a refreshing to stay in a hotel that hasn't been touched by an interior decorator.  Rural German hotels tend to go heavy on the wood, plants, weird metal sculptures and other paraphenalia, just as long as they don't's our reception - watched over by a china dog.

Furthermore, looking out my window, there is this charming vista with chickens and a large rabbit frolicking and gamboling. True, there is also a large dung heap (left of pic) but it dosen't smell and I can live with that for one night.

We are playing in an old church which seems to be well known as a music venue and it has a wonderful accoustic.

 The interior

A rustic pile of wood near the church

Waiting for our hotel rooms 

At the end of our concert, the priest asked if he could come over to give a blessing by the altar before we played our encore. I always find these small acts of grace very touching, even though I wouldn't call myself a Christian, more of a pantheist - but I respect the tradition. It was an oddly fitting end to our tour here (IMHO).


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