Tony Penultimate

The ATTC Theme (ATTC#19)


All shows should have a decent theme song, whether it's 'Hey Hey We're the Monkees' or 'Meet the Gang'  - songs often serve as a good way of introducing the action and a pithy way to sum up what will follow. For the 19th film of this series, I decided to write one with as many showbiz references as possible, with nods to the shows of old (tap dancing) as well as the present (dodgy DJ'ing).

While I might enjoy making pretentious references to auteurs of the cinema - I have to give credit where credits due - namely to the fantastic band - Mike Davis and his New Wonders, who arranged, played and sang the theme, Duff Harris at Eastside Sound in NYC who engineered and mixed it, to Philip Larsen, who did the sound design and to John Gidley who did the video editing. Last but not least my long suffering colleagues in the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain who once again allowed themselves to be drafted in to play the fed up passengers queueing for the toilets - THANK YOU!



Thank you Peter - yes, it was a bit nerve wracking inflating and deflating it!
That is simply sensational! Not sure I’d want to be sprung in the toilet wearing a porn star ‘tash and holding an inflatable lady :)

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