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Sweden tour

Despite being bug eyed with tiredness due to the frenetic pace of the last few one nighters we’ve played, I managed to have a good day off yesterday helping wife Gilly celebrate her birthday. This meant copious amounts of booze as we went out for a nice meal with friends - despite the appalling weather. Drinking is not particlarly conducive to a good nights sleep, so I was fairly hungover as I got up early again to jump into a cab to Dover (where the nearest trains go from - my hometown has no London trains running, due to the bad weather). Having battled through the snow up to Heathrow, I found that this time, Hester hadn't made it, being snowed in down in Dorset, so she will join us in Stockholm on Monday.

Terminal 2 Heathow - the waiting game

This tour is five days long and includes dates in Uppsala, Stockholm (twice) and Goteborg. We've been coming to Sweden since 2007 and we have always gone down well.

Heathrow in the snow

Arlanda Airport, Stockholm

The flight was pretty painless and upon arrival at Stockholm, we found that the baggage carousel was at the other end of the terminal, which meant fighting our way through crowds of people carrying ski gear, walking in the opposite direction, to get our cases.

At Arlanda airport, there is a nice display of famous Swedes along the corridor into the terminal and I spotted one of my favourite opera singers: tenor Jussi Bjorling

In the middle, Richie and Doug (sound) wait stoically for their cases to come through.

Cases collected, we all piled into a taxi to make the 45 minute journey to Uppsala, where we will play our first concert tomorrow.

We dumped our bags at the hotel and headed straight over to promoter Paul Kessels house (far right in picture). Paul had kindly invited us over for a welcome supper, as we hadnt got a gig this evening, he's an English guy, married to Maria (Swedish) who runs the local theatre in Uppsala (the Regina). He's promoted all our gigs over here since we first played in 2007 and is an excellent actor and fluent in Swedish, having lived here since the seventies. He's been a good friend to the Ukes...

A cracking good meal, good company, laughter and wine - thank you Paul!

 When it was all done we walked back from Pauls house to our hotel


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