Tony Penultimate

Stockholm day 2

Our first show went well last night and the audience were highly enthusiastic - we were reunited with several long time Swedish friends who came along.

It was good to see our Stockholm promoter Ulla Malmsten, who asked after my daughter Poppy, I was able to show her a photo from one of the very first times we came here, she was two years old then (she's 11 now) - how time flies.....

Sign on the way to the venue

Richie poses with the  statue of Master Palm, another landmark on the walk to the theatre.

After our first show at the Scala, we were each presented with roses, which Dave thoughtfully placed in a vase to decorate our dressing room. After the second show we were presented with a glass of prosecco (which was a first!) it seemed rude not to down it in one before proceeding to play the encore. We've often had eccentric gifts from our hosts here - I remember one year we all received horsemeat salamis.....

The theatre dressing rooms have lots of props lying around - it wasnt long before the showbiz spirit asserted itself.


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