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Stockholm day 1

We had a terrific gig last night in Uppsala and afterwards, we all went out for a drink with promoter Paul Kessel (right). He is very pleased with the way it all went (considering the fact that the bad weather in the UK might have prevented us getting here at all!) plus we upped our ticket sales from the last time we played here. Since the tour has got off to a good start, I'm not sure if we'll see him again. As a general rule of thumb, the better a tour is going, the less you will see of a promoter - its only when ticket sales are slow, or things are going badly, that you'll have a promoter travelling with you, breathing down your neck, telling you to get out a publicise the tour etc. Fortunately this has not yet happened to the Ukes!

Short drive to Stockholm

So, after breakfast we were driven to Stockholm, about an hour away. One consequence of buying a drink last night, is a reminder that the Swedish Kroner/British Pound exchange rate is extremely robust. Consequently, I took the precaution of buying a bottle of Merlot from a local supermarket (fairly reasonably priced) so I could have a quiet drink in my room after the show. It was only after opening it, tasting it and finding it a bit sickly sweet, that I checked the label to find it was ALKOHOLFRITT meaning alcohol free - that'll teach me!

Checking into our hotel in Stockholm

Hotel life - note horses head on left hand side

Short walk to the theatre from our hotel

 A sight for sore eyes - Hester is back (she got up at 4.30am UK time to start her journey here)

The Scala is an old cinema and we always play here when we come to Stockholm - it seats around 500 people and is fairly inimate as a venue, I've got many fond memories of gigs here over the past 12 years.

The theatre has had a refurb since the band were here last. The walls have been clad in faux black brickwork, which reminded me of gigs we did in Japan in 2004; all the venues there were at the top of skyscrapers, but used the same brick cladding to suggest that you were in a dingy sweaty basement (space being at a premium in Japan). That shelf that you can see on the left is quite a hazard, as we walked on stage last night, one of the band walked into it and knocked it off!


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