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Sheffield Day 2

Our gig went well last night at Sheffield Town Hall and today, we had a rehearsal/discussion of what we are going to do in the forthcoming year, including preparations for the Concert for Kitty at the Barbican and our tour of North America in April 2018. We have no concert tonight, but it was too far away for most of us to get home and we have a gig in Leicester the day after, so we all decided to stay put in Sheffield.

Three hours into our rehearsal (Richie is not asleep, the camara shutter merely caught him blinking - Dave may or may not be a Freemason!)
We rehearsed in Wills room, which I noticed happened to be a suite in this Novotel (the bastard!) - my own small room has wheelchair access into the bathroom and a chair in the shower (see below) - goodness knows why I'm booked in here, still a room is a room!

Sheffield used to be famous throughout the world as a steelmaking city, but now seems to be a big University town with plenty of students, bars, trams etc plus a fair bit of homelesness. I wandered around looking for a place to buy postcards to send to friends, only to be looked at as some kind of weirdo in every newsagent and tobacconist I went into.  Truly Britain is a changing place!

The Town Hall where we played last night
I finally found a shop by Sheffield Cathedral where I was able to buy some postcards and went in to have a look around - lovely building!
Sheffield Cathedral
Memorial plaque that caught my eye in the Cathedral
Pulpit, featuring beautiful wood carving.
We all went out for an Italian at a good local restaurant in the evening and had a good boozy dinner - so boozy in fact, that I risked life and limb climbing onto my chair to take this photo.....

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