Tony Penultimate

Sewage, Golf and Ukuleles

The show at Galway Town Hall was good and we're back to full strength with the arrival of Hester. I'm writing this is the baronial splendour of my room at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin which is a good 40 minutes drive from the venue. This is unusual as usually we get hotels as close to the venue as possible, but due to some anomaly we are on the outskirts of Dublin.

On the journey (2.5 hours - fairly comfortable, all motorways) we stopped at one of these curious Irish service stations - they are all charmingly rustic and I bought a damn fine home made sandwich (or maybe it was made in the petrol station - who knows?).

I also ate these incredibly Oirish crips - mmmmm tasty!

The hotel/conference centre is also a swish golfing place with extensive grounds, and people zooming around in electric carts wearing tartan trousers - its a bit like the golfing scene from Goldfinger

Just so you don't assume we're living some charmed  life on tour, there is also a sewage conference going on in the hotels conference centre (Richie remarked that they'll probably be talking crap all day).

I'll see if I can pick up some literature - now those are the sort of advertising pop ups I should get on my website.


Dark wood, burgundy drapes - looking forward to a mellow night sleep tonight.


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