Tony Penultimate

Return to NY

After finishing up at Clinton, CT, the Ukes flew home, while three of us: Leisa, Jonty and myself, took the train into NY to spend a few days unwinding with our partners before heading back to the UK.

It's been a good tour, with no breakdowns, fisticuffs, drug overdoses, arrests and the band will reconvene in two weeks for our tour of Scotland. Morale in the band is high and we've done well 'bums on seats" wise, so we'll be back next year (on the west side of the US).

New York is a fantastic place to spend time, and Gilly and I have been lent an apartment in the meat packing district, from wence we've explored the city.

As a belated 60th birthday present, I got taken to the Metropolitan Opera to see Gounod's 'Romeo and Juliet' - with Placido Domingo conducting - a great show.

So thank you, Campers for reading this blog - I've enjoyed putting something up every day, to make the time pass by.



Thanks Phredd, thanks Rich!
Thanks for taking us along for the ride and enjoy your time in the big apple!
Wonderful tour blog, Peter. For someone like me who has neither the talent nor application to do something similar, it's always a fascinating insight!

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