Tony Penultimate

One Night in York

Up to York for a quick one nighter - its a fine old english town and some views here probably haven’t changed since the Middle Ages (see pic).  We’ve played the Opera House many times before and got a good reception and so it was last night - the gig was humid though, which always makes it a bit harder when you’re wearing a tuxedo.  My foot was also hurting during the gig since I am wearing a new pair of black shoes which are a bit tight (I have wide feet) but I never could resist a bargain ((£15 at my local Sports Direct)

Saw my old flatmate Al who lives up here with his family - its so good to catch up with friends, one of the benefits of being a travelling musician.

Another benefit is that you sometimes get given stuff to “try out” or “take closer look at” and we have all be provided with very rugged and durable gig bags for our ukuleles through the auspices of the company called Fusion. 

After having broken several ukuleles in transit this could be very useful!


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