Tony Penultimate

North Bethesda, Maryland

My blue suitcase has a bust strap

We had an early start this morning at 8.45 (we had to do a Q&A after the show and so didn't get back to the hotel until 11.30) to catch a flight to Washington for our gig in North Bethseda tonight.

By a bizarre coincidence - I walked outside and saw this lady, Gaynor, walking her corgis - it was exactly two years ago to the day that we played the Queens 90th birthday!

Having breakfast with Ewan yesterday, another early riser - he told me as soon as we get back to the UK, he’s straight into rehearsals choreographing a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre, London. I sneaked a snap of him making notes on the way to the airport. Choreography is pretty imcomprehensible to me...


Burlington Airport

View from the air - back over New York again - where we fly out of after one more gig


Dave waits for his bag, Jodi on the phone

We all wait for the bus, Rich has a slight cold and a sore throat but is muddling through

Washington Monument

Soundcheck at Strathmore Hall, North Besesda - we have an early start tomorrow (5am) for our last gig in Conneticut.

POSTSCRIPT 12.10am - a great gig with a terrific audience reaction - some sadness though, as due to the riduculousness of our start tomorrow, we had to leave the venue without saying hello to friends: Paul F. Hurt and Phredd who came along - next time guys....



And it was a pleasure to meet Phredd!
Peter, This was the 4th time I've had the pleasure of seeing you all in concert, and you just keep getting better. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The "Italian Song" was amazing. You were in fine voice last night, for sure. The Strathmore is a beautiful venue and you guys rocked it. I tagged you in a pic on FB. You will see we had a bird's eye view, as we were right above you, stage left. I was sorry that I wasn't able to say hello after the show, but I did get a chance to meet Paul and his friend Damion. They are two very big fans who both started playing because of UOGB. Very inspiring. Best wishes and safe travels home. I hope to see you again, down the road.
Have a good last concert and a safe trip home. Also all the best wishes to your sick colleagues!

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