Tony Penultimate

New Hampshire and Maine

Well odd that may seem, I’m typing this on the band bus which has a wifi system.  We are travelling between Hannover, New Hampshire and Bangor, Maine, a journey of around 4/5 hours which is very pleasant given the wonderful scenery and this very comfortable bus.

The gig last night was at Dartmouth College in Hannover, New Hampshire, an Ivy League University, an impossibly glitzy and glamorous place straight out of a film (The Social Network?) It was like being in a giant Ralph Lauren commercial. 

We were invited to a pre show drinks reception with sponsors (very important in the US) which I felt fairly ill at ease, since I felt I looked like a slob.  Goodness knows I attended enough of them when I was a kid as my dad used to have loads of receptions during his time as a diplomat.  On the road I’m either in jeans, t shirt etc or a tuxedo (onstage) - there is no in between.  

We did a pit stop at this service station where Leisa UOGB bandmate) took a photo of me by a giant moose

I’ve just finished reading the blog of James McMurtry, a phenomenal US singer songwriter about gun control…and he IS a gun enthusiast — very good and thoughtful piece.





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