Tony Penultimate

Nevers, France

What a thoroughly exhausting few days! After arriving home on Sunday from the Ukulele Weekender in Cumbria (after a seven hour train journey). it was time to head back up to London for another photo session.  This turned into a bit of a nightmare for me as snow had fallen over large parts of South east England leaving the trains in chaos and it took a three and a half hour journey to get back to Kent.

The next day I battled my way up to St Pancras again (7am train!) to meet up with the other Ukes for our gig in Nevers, France. So in essence, I came all the way up to London, to turn around and come back down to Folkestone (we're all on a group ticket).
Anyway, I’m not complaining, poor old Jonty found himself unable to get to the gig, as his cab was cancelled and then his train got held up, meaning that he missed the Eurostar. So we were playing as a six piece and had to do some running repairs to the set as Jonty is a fairly integral part of it (whistling etc). Ben Rouse valiantly stepped into the bass chair (on a borrowed bass) and did us proud - if truth be told the Ukes are pretty adaptable.
The gig was well attended and the vibe in the audience was pretty cool, and while they were a little reserved, we dug out our schoolboy french again to liven it up: eg - "Voici un chanson par les tetes qui parlent" = Here is a song by the Talking Heads.
I’m knocking this out on the train and am too tired to write any more, as we were up at 5.30 AM UK time because of the snow in France (Paris to Nevers is a tree hour bus journey) - here are some pictures that I took of the evening.

Photoshoot in Brixton

Ben, Dave and Richie at St Pancras International

Arrival at Gare du Nord, Paris and meeting one of the organisers

Plaque on the floor of the platform of English Bandleader Django Bates

Walking to our taxi

Paris vista

More Paris

Nevers - bridge over the River Loire

Pretty town - about 30,000 population according to the organisers

Weird lamp at our Hotel (modelled by Leisa!)


Dave chats to organiser Jean

legend printed on our dressing room door

our thoroughly psychedelic dressing room

Ben checks out the borrowed bass


signing for some kids who came to the concert



My pleasure! Thank you for reading it Karin.
Dear Peter, it´s wonderful to read these lines from you, to hear you are all well on touring again, thank you for the interesting photos.

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