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Mosel Musikfestival

Like an old burlesque dancer forced to do the splits once too often, my dear old computer - veteran of many tours, a couple of albums, which must have been opened and shut thousands of times (as well as dropped quite a few!) is getting cranky and I’ll probably have to buy a new one soon - anyway, while its working here goes……..

After our bus journey from Dreieich yesterday (two hours) we arrived in the town of Bernkastel-Kues, to play the Mosel Musikfestival which we hadn’t played before. I was vaguely aware of the wine region, but not how beautiful the town and surroundings were. Our gig was on the banks of the Mosel river, underneath the shadow of the old medieval castle (see above).

Interestingly, the festival was sponsored by a cigarette company, so while there was no branding anywhere, there were plenty of packs of ciggies left strewn around the place for the artistes to help themselves to (many Germans still smoke).


 After soundcheck we were taken by the organisers to a local restaurant (great food).

Jonty, Leisa and Hester did an interview with the local TV station.

Here’s a tip for any budding musician - if you’re ever playing outside, anywhere damp or near water, take some of this in your instrument case: mosquito spray - the air was humming with them last night and I don’t think anyone got bit.

Once again there was intermittent rain during the show but it went well and at the end, the organisers rather sweetly came on stage and presented us with giant bottles of the local wine.

God knows how I’m going to get my bottle home!



Thank you Karin, I remember Trier very well! Thanks for your wishes ans I hope we have a smooth flight.
I hope you can get the bottle without problems and enjoy it with your loves at home after the tour. May I remember you of the gig in Trier in 2009, it was also part of the Mosel Musikfestival, there are many concerts in several towns along the river Mosel every year. There my husband and me enjoyed your gig, the first of many following ones...Best wishes for your return to the UK.

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