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More Greenville, South Carolina

Doug has again taken umbrage at the contents of this blog, namely the photographs - due to my great height, and the fact that I often take snaps of my collegues from the back, this shows up all the male members bald spots. I thanked Doug, and told him that I now had my opening paragraph for todays blog. I await all manner of rude comments about the furry inhabitant of my top lip. Doug, you have a fine head of hair!
After arriving in Greenville we put our things in our rooms and headed out for something to eat.

Johnty gives the Honourable Max Heller (Mayor of Greenville 1971-79) the finger - disgraceful rock'n'roll style behaviour.

We visited a Japanese diner, which was just the ticket - good food (I've been making do with just a breakfast and dinner on this tour) and then went out to a Sports bar where we drank beer and chatted before coming back to the hotel - everything here you can walk to. Our gig this evening is just around the corner.

This morning we had an unscheduled (ie not in our itinerary) visit to the local TV studio here, to play and chat about ukuleles, so we walked to the studio at 9am.

Picturesque view of the Reedy River from the bridge that spans it

The TV studio was pretty small - in fact, you just walked straight into it from the street.

 Comfy chairs at the studio for chattting on

When they started filming us (we did two songs Sweet Dreams and Highway to Hell) they pulled the black curtain across the door/window that opened onto the street - during which, I could see a number of people who wanted to get in, were waiting outside. After the TV finished, I walked to the local beauty spot Falls Park and then had breakfast at a health food restaurant.

Waterfall at Falls Park
Anti Trump demonstration outside the local Chamber of Commerce
After breakfast, I went to the grocery store to buy postage stamps and then returned to the hotel, slept a bit, then watched Wild Wild Country (on Netflix, highly recommended). We had to do a brief appearance in a ukulele documentary before the show (which was fun and we were all very animated) and then it was time to prepare for the show.
Great food at the Peace Centre, Greenville
Will demonstrates the sand dance before our soundcheck
And what a surprise at the theatre, two beautiful industrial washing machines meant that several of us were able to wash all our dirty laundry - in my case, for the second time on this tour. I am in clean underpant heaven!


Riley - it was a pleasure, keep on strumming! Rich - thanks, I'm still undecided whether it stays or is just regarded as a bit of tour vanity! Phredd - if I ever make that album - you'll be down for 10%
So glad you all enjoyed Greenville! It was a fantastic concert, and thank you so much for signing my uke!
A positive review for the moustache - it's developed from the feyness of Prince to the distinguished majesty of Peter Bowles.
Clean Underpant Heaven would be a great name for an album, or even a band!

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