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Ludwigshafen Second Show

The silver tureen on the left held a truly magnificent soup

The second day of our stay in Ludwigshafen passed pretty quietly, a few of us took a taxi to nearby Mannheim, to vist the Christmas market, where I did some shopping. On arrival at the theatre, there was another table full of goodies to tide us over the hour until dinner.

Jonty at Mannheim Christmas Market

Viola (road manager) Richie and Hester

If you ever go to a real German Christmas market, i can highly recommend getting some amaretto almonds from the nut stall - Richie bought a bag and offered me one - they're delicious and I bought a couple of bags for myself.


line check for the evenings show

Here's Richie again, talking to Yanina, our svelte MC - he hasn't fallen asleep though, but merely blinked at the wrong moment!

Audience members waiting to get their CD's signed

The show went over as well as the previous evening, and we all got another bottle of wine. Some of us had trouble keeping time during the show as the bass was quiet, particularly during 'Highway to Hell' where Jonty dosen't play his bass during the verse (to give the screamy chorus more oomph). What with my hearing aid playing up and the audience clapping loudly and enthusiasticly out of time, I had to maintain close eye contact with his fingers to make sure I was on the beat!

Here we are relaxing after the show in the converted dressing room - its a BASF conference room really

And finally back to the hotel, where we chatted to friends old and new, here's Klaus and his lovely wife Doris who we last saw in Dreiech, hope you guys had a safe journey home!



Glad to hear it! Have a great Christmas yourselves
Thanks for the great concert and the nice chat afterwards! We had a nice and quiet trip home, just long enough to enjoy the new CD. Again Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

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