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Ludwigshafen First Show

Verenas desk and the stage

I had a good nights sleep after the huge meal the night before and today, we played the first of two shows here in Ludwigshafen. The concert is a public concert, and is sponsored by the BASF corporation, who I vaguely remember as a brand name during the 1970/80's when cassette tapes were still in vogue - they are still going strong. In Germany, many companies take their responsibilities for promoting culture very seriously and this is why we are here at their headquarters/campus. The venue and the hotel are pretty much side by side and all the branding is the same in both - wifi, pens etc etc - BASF's tagline is 'We Create Chemistry (its on everything).

We've have played this theatre before, but a very long time ago - I don't remember it at all. Thats often the trouble when you travel a lot, all the gigs get telescoped into one giant never ending tour. Inside the venue, it's pretty deserted, apart from us, and there is a kind of sepulchral, silence as we enter, to find, once again, a table groaning with 'light snacks' to keep us going until supper.
You go girl!

The format for this show was slightly different from our usual show, insofar as we worked with a compere called Yanina, who introduced us, and came on at various points in the evening to talk about songs we were going to play - here we are discussing with her (she's out of the picture) how the evening will go.

Hybrid car getting charged up outside our hotel

Getting ready to go on

The show was a real blinder and the all audience had a good grasp of english, but there were plenty of Ango/German references as well as several German songs and Carols including Stille Nacht (Silent Night).

At the end we were presented with bottles of wine all wrapped up in BASF branding - I love this German habit and it always makes me feel a bit tearful when we are presented with flowers or wine after the show.

After we stood and bowed at the end of the show, we sat down again to play the encore.

Will held up his box and said quizzically "Is it chemicals"?


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