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Long Ago In The South (Part 1)

Well, having got back from the States on Monday morning its taken a while to get over the jet lag and I am now feeling fairly human again.  I've got a week or two till the next gig in Copenhagen so I'll be at home a while - which is good.

I've turned into my families reluctant on/off archivist since my Dad died: - I've been been digitising some of the many photos and cine films that my parents took on their travels around the world. 

Amongst these I have discovered a photo album taken by my Uncle Evelyn who died in 1943, of pictures taken during his pilot training in the US in October 1941.

I know very little about him as my Dad didn't speak about him much, but judging from the album he was a fun young guy who seemed to make friends easily.

The album consists of pictures of Montgomery Alabama and Arcadia and Bradenton in Florida 

I've put his original annotations from the album in inverted commas and these pictures are from Sarasota and Bradenton FL.

Fascinating Stuff!

"Bradenton FLA - How to get there!"

Picture of a lake (or a river?)

"The police STU (?) and radio car, the police force drove me all around in the car"

Picture of "Bradenton High Street"

"Bill Sheetz, "The Chief", Buster Brown" (Police Officers in Bradenton?)

"Better come quietly" The Chief

A street in Bradenton

"A Rubber Tree"

"Sunshine and Beauty"

"The family who took me out fishing at Bradenton.  I did not catch any but "you should have seen the one that got away""

"Sarasota Florida - On the Gulf of Mexico- about 50 miles from Arcadia"

"The Sarasota Lido"



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