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Leverkusen mon amour

Well I'm in Germany on tour with the UOGB  which I'd intended to blog more about but suffice to say that events got the better of me.   I'm typing this at the airport before the plane goes back to London.  The tour has included: Dorsten (13.3) Hamburg (14.3) Wolfenbutten (16/17.3) Schweinfurt (19.3) Leverkusen (20.3) and Furth (2 shows 22.3) all small german towns apart from Hamburg and all very pleasant.  Its been a good tour, full of ukes good humour (see social media sites etc) and the vibe has been good (I even laughed at some puns - and I hate puns!).

We have been without our bandleader George, but have kept the flag flying in his absence by pumping out excellent shows - the formation may change, but the show goes on - the next few shows in France I won't do as my wife is in India on the trip of a lifetime (lucky her!) and I'm holding the baby.

I suppose the place where I was most worried about going to was Leverkusen, an industrial town in the north where two years ago my computer was stolen from my hotel room - not a very happy memory.  However all that was put to rest this time with a stonking gig and a great reception.

The morning after the gig I took this picture from my hotel room of the mist over the motorway behind the trees - Leverkusen is not the most beautiful town (headquarters of Bayer chemical company and others) but this view was pretty.


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