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Leeds, Kirkcaldy and Perth

Its been a while since I’ve blogged (all the how-to-blog articles specifically tell you not to start with this phrase!)  But I am now - so sit up and pay attention - hello hello anyone out there?

Anyroad*, I am on my way up to Leeds, in Yorkshire tonight for a gig and from there, the band will travel up to Kirkcaldy (13th), Perth (14th) both in Scotland and then back home on the 15th (all day pretty much as its in Scotland and I live in Kent)- only to go back to York (in Yorkshire - for UK non domiciled peeps) on the 17th.


The reason for this is we had a gig dropout on mid tour so that %$#@s everything up travel wise, but heigh ho it was my decision to live where I live and I am lucky to be working and living the dream.

The only other pisser is that my daughter is singing in Canterbury Cathedral, one of England’s most beautiful cathedrals and I shall miss it.  That is pretty much the sad side of “living the dream” - going away to play means that I miss endless birthdays and other family events - my wife is pretty cool to put up with it. 

I’ve enjoyed the last few weeks while I’ve been home, I’ve been on the wagon (mostly) and am swimming in the sea and even jogging (well jog/walking I’d call it) - the #bobdylaninairlinetoilets film is now in development if I may be so pretentious (for a film shot on an iPhone and in airplane toilets) and I just have to tweak the soundtrack with some effects before its ready to upload.

After I’ve done that I plan to get going on the crooners film, which like most of my projects has had a long hiatus………more soon.


*A charming Scottish expression meaning “one for the road” - I will probably have a whisky and toast my (half) Scottish roots on this tour along with Doug, our veteran sound man and proud Scot.

* For UK non domiciled peeps - a Northern English expression meaning ANYWAY.


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