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After posting this morning I went back to bed (to my windowless room) and slept for a couple more hours. I got up at 10 and had a shower and then went to the lobby where I bumped into Dave having his breakfast. There were some hairy guys at the next table who looked like they were in the rock biz and so I got chatting with them and it turned out they were in the band Cast a sort of proto Britpop band from Liverpool, they'd been on the road for 25 years, so we exchanged the usual tour reminiscences before they set off for their final gig of the year in Liverpool.
Not being able to face going back to my underground hotel room/dungeon, I sat in the lobby (weirdly decorated with these strange suits). I wondered if they are from the corpses of people who have spent the night in the windowless rooms (in fact I found out later the building the hotel was situated in used to be a textle/tailoring factory).
Opening up my computer I had receieved an email from Facebook asking me to update my security settings, so on a whim I went through all my details falsifying my information - take note my friends - I don't come from Hothot in Outer Mongolia, my birthday is NOT 25 December 1945, but 13 April 1958. If your going to spurge your private life on the internet, you might as well do it on your own website - not some sinister data gathering organisation.
So I wandered around the centre of Leeds in my now familiar 'ownerless dog' routine - I don't know the city well, but there are some nice old buildings. Many of the old grandiose buildings (banks, insurance companies) have been re purposed as bars/restaurants.
Hotel Metropole
I popped into one of the old buildings (now repurposed as a nachos joint) to have some lunch before going off to the soundcheck.
We've done Leeds Town Hall many times before and its a beautiful place. I talked to the duty manager who told me it was originally a multi purpose building with a concert hall and an Assises Court below (for the whole of Yorkshire) with prison cells underneath. The prisoners would be held in the dungeons before being tried and sometimes they were sent straitway to be hanged at nearby Armley prison, three miles away (sometimes at the same time as concerts were going on!)
Getting ready to go on stage in our dressing room.
Yorkshire folk and known for their directness and while we were sitting down getting ready to sign, a guy dumped two CD's in front of me and said "Get to work" - meaning - sign these! I almost replied - Yes Sir! Right away Sir!
And here we are relaxing back at the hotel and before I went back down to my underground hotel room to sleep and return to Kent via London to spend Christmas with my family.
Thats it for 2018 readers, a Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your families - back on the 4th of January.


Thanks, Peter, for sharing your tour life with us around this year. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family. See you in Cologne in February!
Peter, I really enjoyed tagging along on your adventures with the ukes this year. Happy Christmas and a great start to your New Year!

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