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Last gig of the tour - Flagstaff, Arizona

We nearly didn't make this gig - our flight to Phoenix was delayed and thus we missed our connecting flight to Flagstaff, Arizona (its mentioned in the lyrics of Route 66!). We got on a later flight and then the theatre organised a bus to pick us up in Phoenix and take us to Flagstaff - we arrived an hour late and went straight on stage.

Despite that it was a great show and afterward we went to a bar with some nice local ukulele players and had a few drinks.

I discovered this morning that the zip on my suitcase is broken and I can only hope it makes it home - we've only got one more flight to London so it should be OK.  No wonder our suitcases fall apart, we will have done 15 flights in 19 days by the time I arrive home so I'll need to buy a new one.

The monotonous regularity of the flights has given me a terrific idea for a new film/coversong version. (update 3.9.16 here is the film that got made that year)

Oh yeah -the show in Palm Springs went well (sorry peeps I missed a days blogging) the dressing room walls we're covered in graffiti from past performers - Bob Hope had played here! (in fact he lived in Palm Springs for a long time).

It has been raining a lot over the past few days -- especially in the Californian desert which is rare.




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