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We had a good night last night after another day off in Glasgow, some of the others went off to a museum during the day, while I did some recording and writing in my hotel room. In the evening we wandered around and went to a German restaurant for a meal (huge portions) and I had a large stein of Bitburger - it was good fun.

For some reason I woke up at 5.30am and couldn't get back to sleep, which meant that I've been pretty shattered all day. We walked to the station to catch our train to Inverness - a journey of three and a half hours - I chatted to an American couple who live in Maine, but come over every year to sail their boat, moored in Oban - this year they are sailing to Norway!

So we sat and watched the as the lowlands turned into the Highlands

We were also sitting next to three heavily tattoed Scots guys who drank and talked loudly throughout the whole trip (the journey started at 10am!) - I snatched a photo of them when the drinks trolley came round and they bought even MORE beer.

Its chilly up in Inverness - thank goodness for the warm clothing that I've been schlepping around on this tour. The hotel is a Travelodge (budget British hotel chain) but brand spanking new, so better than the last place in Glasgow, which needed a refurb (to put it mildly)

The River Ness

Graveyard on the way to the gig

The theatre is nice and modern - we've played here before but it must be at least six or seven years ago - I don't remember it at all. The acts on here are mostly tributes and the perennial Ladyboys of Bangkok - a good bunch of people backstage too.

At soundcheck, the band ran through 'Shameless', a song by the Chinese act/ Black Panther which Will is going to sing on the Chinese tour - it sounded a bit like an out take from Huey Lewis and the News or every AOR rock song from the past 25 years (but in sung in Mandarin).

Here's us getting fed before the show, the show itself was a good one.

Bizarre sign in the mens dressing room, all the UOGB men worked hard to keep the gas main from being shut down.

Getting ready for the second half of the show

Going out to sign - that merchanise won't sell itself!

After we'd finished and packed up, I walked the 10 minutes back to the hotel - this pic was taken at 10.30pm - there was still plenty of daylight to see my way back across the old iron bridge across the Ness river. We are pretty for north up here in Inverness: - last gig of this tour tomorrow at Stirling.



Thanks Karin, thanks Phredd - glad you like 'em...
Thanks for your subtle humour, Peter, Bitburger beer in Glasgow and the risks of hairspray in a dressing room,wonderful!
Great Entry, Peter. Very enjoyable. Thanks for taking us along for the fun.

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