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Hester in Leicester

Not a very good nights sleep last night: - while I was fumbling to turn on the light, I accidentally pressed the call button/alarm (I was in a disabled room) which meant that the reception guy came up to my room to see if I was alright (it was 3.30AM) so I was wide awake by the time I got back into bed

Speaking of disability, I remembered having a conversation in a pub with another tall guy years ago, he told me that if you were over 6'5" in the UK, you could apply for disabled status as you were technically a 'giant' - very useful if you want free parking etc, but I never checked it out.

Contrasting hairstyles - Jamie (Road manager) and Doug (Sound Engineer)

I grabbed a lift from Sheffield to Leicester with Jonty and Dave in Dave's car - they have known each other long before they were in the Ukes, and consequently are a bit like an old married couple, bickering and contradicting each other - its very droll to hear them chat. Of all the people in the band, Jonty has the reputation on being a 'night owl' and he likes to stay up late after the show, while the band usually drift off to bed after a few drinks, but on Wednesday night, he hit paydirt!

Travellers Three......

A guy turned up at the hotel, looking for a room, as he'd missed his last train back to Stockport (near Manchester) but unfortunately the hotel was full. Meanwhile Jonty and Dave were having a drink at the bar. It turned out this guy was some kind of music journalist, doing research on the singer, Mark E Smith of the English band 'The Fall'. When he found out he couldn't get a room, he decided to sit out the night unobtrusively in the hotel bar. Naturally, he was soon deep in conversation with Jonty, who as a resident had the right to patronise the bar and thus it turned into a marathon session which lasted to 5am, whereupon the guy got a taxi to the station and Jonty went to bed.

We had a fairly short drive down to Leicester, behold the mystic majesty of the M1

Scenery on the M1 Motorway

Violently coloured carpet our hotel - it almost hurts the eyes!

The Christmas playalong has been going well and its a great way to connect with our audience - even the people who dont play, sing along.  We did 1300 tickets tonight at the De Monfort Hall - thats pretty good going, so I guess theres gas in the tank for a few more years!

Hester is back - a sight for sore eyes!

Dave is not a giant, but he still tries to tries to mind his head

The merch table was busy.......

The violently coloured carpet extended into the hotel lift

Winding down after the show - we're back on the road on Sunday, Campers - two shows in Bath - see you there....



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