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Goodbye Rain, Hello Snow!

So today it was goodbye to BASF-ville (Ludwigshafen) and on to the the last gig of the year in Helmbrechts. The town is deep in the countryside of South Germany, with no train station and pretty remote. To get there, we had to charter a bus and drive four hours south, and as the landscape and weather slowly changed, it started snowing (goodbye rain!).  The bus was large and pretty comfortable and most of us managed to get a bit of sleep. Its bizarre how tiring travelling is, when you consider that all you are going is sitting motionless in a chair, it must be the vibrations I suppose?

Which way to Nurnburg? - truck stop on our route

Keep on trucking Ukes!

View from my hotel room

Anyway, we arrived and found a pretty Bavarian town with a charming boutique hotel with white carpets in the hallways (thats an interior decorating no-no - all those muddy feet!). 

Vista outside the gig

After a couple of hours kip, it was a short taxi ride to the gig, which was held in a giant gymnasium, which had been adapted for the purpose, and why not, we’d just played at a conference centre in Ludwigshafen.

Its a big Gymnasium Jim, but can you play music here....

We all changed in the gym changing rooms (lots of tiles etc) and the our hosts did their best to make us feel at home. The gig was good and and afterwards we went back to the hotel, some of they crew stayed up to Paar-Tay, but I was far too knackered.
We got up early today (8AM)  to make the three hour journey to Munich airport, from whence we flew home.
Hope all you readers out there have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year, keep well and thank you for reading these blogs……….

Returning to he hotel



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Peter. Thanks for taking us on the journey in 2017!
Thanks Guys - see you in the new year i hope!
Hi Peter, Happy Christmas you too, i hope to see you soon in another magic gig!
A pleasure to read these all year. Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you again in 2018!

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