Tony Penultimate

Greenville, South Carolina

L-R Jonty, Will, Jenny, Richie, Ewan, Leisa, Ricky, Ruby, Jodi and Doug

After our afternoon gig at Spivey Hall, when we had finished all the signing of ukuleles etc, and I had said goodbye to my english friends Amy and Gareth, who had made a two hour journey to see us - we were whisked off (with some understated southern charm) by director Sam, and before we knew it, we were in a room full of people, who turned out to be friends of Spivey Hall (sponsors) under the pretext of having some food and drink. This turned out to be quite an entertaining event and we chatted to various peeps who were all charming, while balancing large plates of delicious hors d'ouvres and glasses of wine. Unfortunately by this time - I was pretty shattered having been up since 5.30, travelling and then playing a gig, so wine wasn't the best idea - fortunately I didn't make too much of a dick of myself (despite three glasses!).
Then it was back to the giant Marriot hotel in Atlanta, where we caught up with long time firend of the band Ricky and his wife Ruby, who had flown up from New Orleans to see the show and who brought us a magnificent gift of home made brownies. Chatting to the waiter, I discovered that the wages are appalling here (sometimes as low as $2 per hour) so they make thier money on tips - 20% is normal, anything less signifies discontent.

The Marriot hotel at Atlanta is absolutely gigantic - it's quite noisy, as it is situated next to the airport - a major hub. The next morning, I took this photo from my eleventh floor window as I could see the planes lining up to come into land - I could see seven.
After saying goodbye to some of the girls we had chatted to the night before (there is a huge lesbian convention here - a sort of Sherlock Homes, online nerdy friends group - I didn't quite understand it, even after Leisa explained it to me) we left mid morning for Greenville, South Carolina. It was a three hour drive, in a not quite so comfortable bus, and the weather had turned windy and cold (unlike yesterday - humid). We stopped at Dads to visit the 'restrooms' as they are called here and to stretch our legs.

Dads Restaurant

I bought some kitschy postcards

They didn't buy any in the end - even though, of all the Ukes Will will try anything.

Checking in, again! Greenville seems to be a genteel southern town - even the tramps are well dressed here.

I was so tired I went straight to my room and slept for two hours, before surfacing to have a brief look around the block near our hotel.

More tomorrow Campers!



Thanks Ricky - it was great to see you too and one things for sure - you make damn fine brownies...
Hi Peter. We had a great time Sunday with y'all during and after the show. Sadly the time goes too quickly. Hope it isn't long before we see you again. I always enjoy your blog. Glad y'all liked the brownies. Best! Ricky

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