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Fly, Underpants, Fly!

We arrived in Dreieich via train which for some reason, Viola (tour manager) had managed to wangle us first class tickets and we all thoroughly enjoyed the ride, I still took the time to visit my beloved restaurant car to sample the fare (i.e. a few beers) before returning to my seat for a nice snooze.

We have played in Dreieich about 6 times now and we always stay at the Hotel Mercure, known by the band as the Underpants Hotel. This is because a few years ago, Dave, having done his washing, hung out his underpants to dry on the hotel balcony, went inside to do something, then came outside to find his pants gone. (See previous blogs for accounts of how to wash your clothes on the road!)

He went downstairs to search the grounds and finding nothing, even asked the hotel manager to let him into the room below to see if the pants had been swept in there by some vortex. It subsequently turned out that the pants were round the corner of the hotel in a tree, where they had possibly travelled further than the Wright Brothers during their pioneering flight.

Balconys at the Mercure


Steady tiger!

The hotel has had a refurb since we were last here and the rooms are now an attractive ‘safari style’ beige.

Its a sunny soundcheck again

The venue at Dreieich is open air and it is always hot and humid; set in the ruins of an old castle with a lake in front of it, mosquito repellent is an absolute must.

Verena, our german sound engineer, sportingly wore a green T shirt to disguise herself. One of our perfomances a couple of years ago was interrupted by the most almighty biblical thunderstorm, which being in Germany, we waited until the worst was over, the stage was swept........and the show continued.





Will do Ricky!
Always like your little tidbits of info. Tell Dave to keep an eye on those draws!

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