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Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Gohren-Lebbin

Another long day of travelling yesterday to get to this gig, part of two we are doing in Northern Germany, we are without George and Leisa and so have Ben Rouse depping for us. The two gigs are in Gohren-Lebbin and Kiel and so I came on the train up from Kent into the stifling heat of London. The train was packed full of people on their way to see Robbie Williams at the London Stadium in Stratford and the tube journey was HOT - upon getting to Heathrow we found the plane to Berlin wes delayed by an hour, normally not a problem, but since we had a two and a half hour bus journey the other end, it meant that we finally arrived at the hotel at 1.45AM, and when I'm at home, I'm usually in bed by 10 PM!

It was also a bit worrying because this was my first flight after having had my meningitis operation (my ears had been operated on) and I wasnt sure it I would be alright in a pressurised cabin, but it was fine.

We were met at Berlin Tegel airport by Viola (tour manager) and Verena (sound engineer) for the long bus journey to the hotel.

Upon arrival at the hotel in the dark, we were surprised to be welcomed by the receptionist, who took us on the long walk to our rooms, or chalets, which seemed to be like something out of a holiday camp. Indeed, upon waking at 10am and sprinting down to catch breakfast (which finished at 10.30) we found that it was a holiday camp, albeit it like something out of the vintage Brit TV show 'The Prisoner"

Our first gig is tonight so more tomorow campers!

Some of us made it to breakfast - left to right Dave, Jonty, Viola, Verena, Richie



Thank you Andrea and Karin - so far we've had a good reception! More tomorrow
Nevertheless have great gigs, nice audiences and a pleasant stay in Northern Germany
It seem like a little village, have a great weekend!

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