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And so it was adieu to the Lanes Hotel, with its groovy guitarist statue, as we checked out at 12 o'clock, to make our way to Exeter, a short hour and a half journey away, most of us had cars and so we gave the train traveling band members lifts.  

Getting ready to leave the Lanes - eagle eyed readers will doubtlessly remember (just above Ben's head) my own 'beast of a car" (a 10 year old silver  Renault Modus) - parked next to the Maserati. When Brexit happens, I'm presuming, we'll all be getting to gigs on bicycles and tandems!

I had the pleasure of Doug's company (our sound guy) on the way to Exeter, as we meandered through picture book England on our way to the gig. Doug is a font of good stories about showbiz and has worked with many big cheeses in the business: Elvis Costello, Nana Mouskouri and Bucks Fizz to name a few and now he's ended up with us - (beggars can't be choosers Doug!)

Exeter is a medieval town with a cathedral so here are a few pics

Cathedral Advertising is a complicated business, and while I was surprised to see our posters dotted around the town - usually this isn't the case and I think our audience mostly find out where we're playing through our website or via other online services . In any case, both shows had been sold out - there is a good app called Bandsintown - which lets you know when your favourite bands are playing near you. I remember when the Ukes used to play in London in the '90s - there were only two listings magazines and if you weren't in those when your gig came round (and you weren't well known) - you could whistle for an audience.

Medieval doorMore fantastic British backstage catering! - thank God we'll be back in Germany at the end of June where they know how to make coffee (the brown stuff in the jar was instant coffee)

Hester, who lives not far away and didn't stay over, brought some rhubarb for her bandmates from her garden - she has a glut apparently...

Here's the Exeter Corn Exchange - for non UK residents - Corn exchanges did exactly what they said on the tin and have usually been modernised for some other use, many became concert halls. It's a nice theatre - good sound and an intimate, 'up close' feel with the audience.


Ben concentrates

Dinner - pizza and fruit fancies...

Waiting to go on in the Green room

Some more waiting 

A good show and a good turn out at the merchandising tables

 Dave signs the smallest ukulele we've ever seen.



Thabnk you Karin! I hope we will get a chance to see you at one of the concerts. The girls are still wearing the Eau de Cologne - thank you again!
Beautiful places in Exeter, I love this pretty town. We are looking forward to welcome you back in Germany, Peter!

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