Tony Penultimate


Five days after the EU Referendum result and I’m still stunned - it would have broken my dear old Dads heart - he spent all his life helping to build a new Europe after the last war, and now its all been pissed away. A vote by the old and the disenfranchised, its going to be a years before the true effects come through, one of which will be the anachronism of our name - Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain:- if the Scots hold a referendum and leave the UK - there wont be a GB anymore. 

I’m knocking this out on the train up to a rehearsal in London with half an ear cocked to a BREXIT conversation between an elderly man and woman on the seat in front:- its all about money to them, but there’s so much more which goes unseen, trade, culture, ideas, free movement of people. Me? - I’m a European - both my sisters married to EU citizens (Spanish and Dutch) raising bilingual families in EU countries (Spain and Switzerland). I’ve been playing and travelling through Europe for years. I’m the first of my family in three generations who hasn’t had to put on a uniform and go and fight other Europeans.  

It is a very strange time to be British - all I can say to my European friends is - "it aint me babe"



Agreed! Our young neighbours put up an EU flag, which was torn down by some troglodyte. O tempora! O mores!

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