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Dylan Delays

Well on the most recent gig (a trip to Poland) I had planned to get started on the Bob Dylan in Airline toilets project - a recreation of the famous film where the song Subterranian Homesick Blues is played to a stream of cue cards discarded by Bob Dylan.

The film, one of the first proto music videos was filmed in 1965 in London, so its 50 years old this year.

I've already made a good start with my cover version - a finger snapping update on the original.

On our flight out to Gdansk, I slipped into to the toilets dressed in blazer and slacks and surreptitiously hiding my captains hat and pipe. Door locked, I got cracking only to find the whole process was going to be a lot more complicated.

The magnetic whiteboard where I will display the slogans is too BIG (its A4 size) so I'll have to find an A5 size white board.

The bag of magnetic letters is very difficult to distinguish at the best of times, let alone in a cramped airline toilet (reader - we were travelling Ryanair).  

It would take precious minutes just to get the letters ready to even ONE word.

So I abandoned the idea, went back to my seat and reconsidered.

There are 64 cue cards in the original film, thats a lot, but I've got time and plenty of flights this year.

So on the flight back I was more prepared, I decided to do some of the shots whereby I would be sticking letters to the miniature ukulele - so I wouldn't need the whiteboard.

I also had the words pre prepared in various pockets of my clothes for easy access i.e. shirt breast pocket = "Get Well", inside left blazer pocket = "It's Hard", Slacks rear pocket = "Write Braille" Hip pocket = "Get Jailed" (All these words are from verse three of the song.

So anyway on the return journey same deal again, went straight to the toilets after takeoff and shut the door, stuck my iPhone to the mirror with Blu Tac and got cracking.

The app on my phone, which I'm using to film the clips (Filmic pro) reverses the letters so while they might work in a photo (see below) on camera they are THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

GRRRRRR - I shot 9 words which are all reversed and useless.

At that point, I dropped a couple of the magnetic letters onto the floor and was trying to double up my 6'8" frame to painfully bend down to pick them up, that a small voice in the left hand side of my brain murmured....

.....and the point of this is?

I'll keep you updated


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