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Dublin on a deaf ear!

Great show last night at the National Concert Hall in Dublin, its been the biggest venue on the tour and it was a packed house. We are lucky to be appearing in venues like these, a glance along the walls shows that some very heavy hitters play here, pianists Evgeny Kissin and Alfred Brendel to name a couple. 

Kissin, Galway and Brendel

Before the show we had a little ‘meet and greet’ with Pat Byrne’s ukulele group “Ukulele Tuesday” - Pat is our tour promoter who along with his partner Ailbhe have really taken good care of us during our time in Ireland - I hope we’ll be back.


Dublin's Ukulele Tuesdays

With the show over, Will and I met up with old friend, Ben Castle, who has played on both of our albums. He is a master of the clarinet and saxophone and lives here in Dublin, since getting engaged to an Irish lass. He’s played sessions with all the top pop stars but is very funny and modest about it all - a great cat. He is also the son of Roy Castle who was a famous British entertainer during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. 

Me, Ben and Will

Dublin is a party town so Jonty, Will, Ben, Leisa and I hit it!. I must say I am pretty proud of myself having stayed off the booze for almost 3 weeks now - I’ve certainly burped my way around Ireland with all the Coca Cola I’ve been drinking. We went to a little ‘hole in the wall’ style pub and while everyone else slurped Guinness, I drank orange juice. I have a problem in pubs, insofar as I find that the background noise, chatter etc which never used to bother me, now seems incredibly loud (white noise) I have to aim my ear at people I’m listening to and watch their lips to understand them.

Despite this it was a great night and it was 1.30am before we all piled into a cab to get back to the hotel.

I slept pretty well but was woken by housekeeping staff knocking on the door at 8.30 am despite the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door. This was really annoying - Dave, when he had a similar problem, once marched down to reception clutching the DO NOT DISTURB sign on his hand, plopped it down on the reception desk and said “this dosen’t seem to be working”.


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