Tony Penultimate

Dressing Room Meltdown

I'm trying to check the traffic coming through my website - how much is there and can it be manipulated? Please forgive the highly misleading headline but I'm checking to see if this sort of cheap sensationalism bounces up the hits.

It is actually TRUE insofar as the picture shows cheese melting down on top of the pizza which I ate in our dressing room tonight while discussing the setlist with my colleagues tonight.

Anyway - quite appallingly I got up at 11.15 this morning - I'm usually up at 6 (I did get up but then went back to sleep). I suppose I shouldn't have slurped those glasses of wine last night while I typed up the Chatham date but on rereading it, luckily there are no drunken rants!

So here we are in Tunbridge Wells, another elegant Spa town with Georgian architecture. We are playing the Assembly Hall Theatre theatre - we've played it several times before. Rather cheekily I am typing up the blog before we've actually played the gig which is tempting fate a bit, but the band is hitting its stride again and Jonty (back after several weeks off) played and whistled well last night.  Knowing my luck they'll be something that comes up in the next four hours that necessitates a retype.


The tired but happy band relax at the hotel bar after the show.




I got manipulated, no interested, by the header. So much that I thought I was gonna see a real slugfest there. Nice one, you acquire that sort of humor when you fall back asleep.. always!

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