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Don't Be Late For The Hanging Around!


the hanging around

We got in to Berlin at 1.45 am last night after a long 3 hour drive from Stolpe after the show. We stayed at an airport hotel ready for the next flight. I got about 6 hours sleep before getting up and ready for the 9 am call to go to the airport. It was a short uneventful flight and I did a couple of retakes of the Friends Romans Countrymen speech for my ATTC project.

Lake Lucerne from the roof of the theatre

This is the first time I’ve tried putting one of those boarding cards on my iphone (it worked). We flew from Berlin to Zurich, Switzerland and then on to Lucerne by bus, for the third gig of this short tour.

We’ve played this theatre before and its huge - unbelievably we’ve sold 1500 tickets!

I'm getting ready to wear the same white shirt for the third time (I only brought one) and three gigs is the outer limit of how long a white shirt can go before it gets too gross - the last two gigs have been sweaty, so I'm not looking forward to it.

This is the third time we've played here and I remember well the photographs of distinguished musicians who have appeared here, especially the German avant grade composer Karlheinz Stockhausen (middle) we make several jokes about him during our show, which always goes down well with German speaking audiences - it looks like he was wearing his shirt for the third time too.

This is the Verena, who does our sound when we come to Europe - she's been with us for about ten years and she's fun to work with. She has, possibly the loudest laugh of anyone I know, which is useful for locating the other Ukes at train stations etc .....and she laughs a lot!

Home tomorrow, unless something extraordinary happens, I'll see you next thursday in France

Back to booze on Monday ....yipppeeeee!!!!!




Interesting...again. Did you have some kind of wager on the non-boozing stint? If so, I take it that you're the winner.
Thank you Andrea! Touring may drive me mad in the end, but writing about it helps pass the time - glad you enjoy it!
Hi Peter, thanks for sharing your tour life around the world!!! it's very funny and interesting!

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